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Collagen Pro Active

“Collagen Pro-Active contains ONLY non-refined Fructose - same as in fruits/vegetables - and is only a little over 1 teaspoon in a daily serving. This quantity of Fructose in the daily serving has been deemed SAFE and acceptable even for use in Diabetics. Diabetics are usually allowed safely up to 25g ‘Sugar’ daily - 5 teaspoons approx.

Also to put in perspective:
• 1 Apple - average size contains double the Fructose of one serving of Collagen Pro-Active
• 1 Peach/Pear - also double Fructose of One serving Collagen Pro-Active etc etc.
• A serving of Grapes can be 3 x the Fructose content

The balance of the Formulation in Proactive is such to provide optimum Wellness and of course Aesthetic benefit. Our bodies, especially our brains do require some “sugar’ to function well. The product can taste sweet BUT not because of high ‘Sugar’ content - and in patients/Customers who find it sweet, dilution with water or mixing in a smoothie/yoghurt works well.

Minimal swelling, bruising and bleeding with maximal safety.

Stay Active!

If you find yourself longing for your warm, cosy bed more than usual during winter, blame the lack of sunlight. As the days become shorter, your sleep and waking cycles become disrupted, leading to fatigue. Less sunlight means that your brain produces more of a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy.

Motivantion Energy

Fight winter tiredness and fatigue with Pro-Active collagen. With added vitamins and minerals Pro-Active is the perfect supplement to help you feel energized and motivated….

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